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WTS: Sport Experts

Founded in 1973, WTS started out as a tennis company by providing racquet sports management services. Over the years, we have diversified to also provide swim and sports programming for a wide array of properties throughout the world. Sports programs and activities are an essential part of any club, community or hi-rise residential development as they bring people together and provide an outlet for their competitive desires and athletic goals. They are also a critical part of the potential success for a freestanding, for-profit athletic facility.
Our tennis, swim and sports experts are the best in the world at teaching, coaching and developing creative programs for members, guests and residents. Tennis and swim activities and programs are designed and implemented for all levels including beginner, intermediate and advanced. Progressive programming and instruction is offered so that participants can improve at whatever the sport is that they play. We also offer extensive junior programs and activities for both tennis and swimming.

WTS Sport Services

What support can WTS provide in our recruiting efforts?
WTS screens and interviews over 1,000 applicants annually from throughout the U.S. and overseas for positions within our firm. Taking your facility’s specific needs into account, we can identify and source the right talent to match your project needs and requirements.

Positions recruited and sourced by WTS:
• Tennis and Swim Directors
• Tennis and Swim Assistant Directors
• Operations Managers
• Tennis and Swim Instructors
• Tennis and Swim Pro Shop Staff
• Program Directors
• All support staff including receptionists, lifeguards, and maintenance personnel

What do I need to successfully open my tennis, swim and sports facilities?
WTS provides complete pre-opening services for these types of facilities in preparing them for a successful launch.

WTS Sport pre-opening services include:
• Timeline development
• Selection and training of all staff
• Create a unique service and program menu for tennis, swim and sports areas
• Ordering and procuring tennis, swim and sports products
• Financial projections
• Standard Operating Procedures and protocols
• Strategic marketing and promotion plan
• Preparation for Soft and Grand Openings
• All other areas to effectively open the tennis, swim and sports facilities

What services does WTS provide to operate tennis, swim and sports facilities?
WTS provides turnkey, daily management services for our client’s tennis, swim and sports facilities. We offer consistent input, direction and resources for the facility staff in order to provide our guests, members or residents with a leisure facility operation of the highest standards.

Daily operations and management services include:
• Staff supervision and continuous training
• Systems development
• Retail product merchandising and display
• Marketing and sales plan
• Creative promotions
• Enjoyable instructional programs for tennis and swim areas
• Facility maintenance
• Financial management
• Consistent delivery of memorable moments and experiences

Why should I offer tennis, swim or sports programming?
These types of activities and programs are an integral part of most clubs, communities or resorts. By offering these services, you will enhance the ability to develop and retain significant numbers of members while offering both members/residents and guests a truly diverse and energetic array of programs which will keep them coming back to the facility time and again.

How do I best determine what types of sports amenities and programs should be offered?
Dedicating sufficient space that is devoted to providing tennis, swim and sports programs is the first step. This can be accomplished through a needs analysis/feasibility study. Whether it is the number and types of tennis courts, fields, pools or trails, the right mix and amount of space needs to be defined well in advance of the design or construction process. It is also important to ensure that the facility will have enough participants to make participation levels from your members, guests or residents viable. This can be accomplished through creative programming and continuous promotional techniques.

At what types of projects/developments does WTS operate tennis, swim and sports facilities?
We manage these types of programs at private and commercial clubs as well as for resorts and residential community developments. WTS provides qualified Tennis, Swim and Sports Directors and staff as well as a wide array of enjoyable instructional, social and competitive tennis and swim programs for both adults and kids. Our services in this area have been instrumental in increasing utilization of the swim and tennis facilities, improved retail sales and heightened member and guest participation.

WTS Sport Clients

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Fitness, Lifestyle, Sport

VERDURE is a health and fitness center unlike anything else in the Texas panhandle. Located in Amarillo, Texas, VERDURE offers a vast range of services and activities for a vast membership base. The 65,000 square foot facility is filled with state-of-the-art exercise machines, expert fitness instructors and trainers, athletic performance area, racquetball, a sports arena, [...]

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MiraBay Community

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MiraBay is a beautiful Newland Communities property located in central Florida for which WTS provided community clubhouse design consulting and pre-opening services. In addition, WTS provides community clubhouse management and activities programming operations on a day-to-day basis. The recreational facilities at MiraBay include a 30,000 square foot community clubhouse complete with a fitness center, group [...]

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DragonRidge Country Club

Fitness, Sport

DragonRidge Country Club is a members-only club designed to incorporate the natural beauty of the rolling desert foothills, sweeping elevation changes, natural canyons, and preserved rock formations. The Tennis and Athletic Center features two group exercise studios, private pilates room, massage, child care and over 4,500 square feet of strength and cardio equipment. In addition, [...]