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WTS: Spa Experts

WTS International is one of the world’s largest and most diversified spa consulting and spa management firms. WTS provides spa consulting services from feasibility through to pre-opening and daily operations. Prior to the opening of a spa, we can provide a spa needs analysis study, brand and conceptual planning and complete spa design consulting services. As a full-service spa consultant and operator, we also provide creative spa menu development, staff selection and training, retail product selection, systems development and quality Standard Operating Procedures. Once the spa is ready to open, WTS provides day-to-day spa management or operational consulting services.
This includes the selection and training of qualified staff such as Spa Directors, massage therapists, estheticians, nail technicians and salon staff. We service both large (over 30,000 square feet) and much smaller (2,000 – 5,000 square feet) spas and leisure facilities throughout the world. Clients include numerous hotels and resorts, day spas, exclusive golf clubs, luxury condo and multi-family properties. Our spa management systems create a truly memorable experience for our guests, members and residents while maximizing revenue and net operating income for spa owners/developers.

WTS Spa Services

What is a feasibility study and what does it include?
As a full-service spa consultant, WTS can provide a comprehensive feasibility and needs analysis study helping our clients to make the most informed decisions regarding the development of a leisure facility. This includes input regarding the most appropriate include size, scope and complexity for the facility and projected financial results.

Studies include:
• Market and demographic evaluation
• Competitive analysis
• Space plan recommendations
• Marketing and programming components
• Complete financial analysis with all assumptions

Should my spa have a specific theme and why is this so important?
The best and most memorable experiences are grounded in a theme or “journey” which is unique and particular to a locale and its user population. Given the number of choices that consumers have today, having a brand to complement your property will assist in making your spa more attractive and compelling. WTS has developed some of the most recognized and respected spa brands in the hospitality space for both hotel and resort projects as well as hospitality development companies.

In addition to WTS’ capability to create innovative spa brands and concepts, can WTS bring consumer recognized brands to the table for my spa?
WTS not only creates innovative spa concepts and brands for our clients throughout the globe, but we can also recommend consumer recognized spa brands which have cache and which can bring positive press/media.

Concepts include:
• Extensive market research along with a study of regional influences, local customs, historical anthropological and cultural elements
• Analysis of your property’s image and competitive strengths
• Development of a vision/concept and journey that is comprised of unique design features, service protocols and standards, as well as “signature” treatments and other design elements which delineate the spa from others

How does the WTS spa design consulting team add value?
We maximize the opportunity to create memorable spa experiences while driving top line and bottom line results. WTS spa consultants collaborate with our internal operational group and with our client’s design firm to focus on creative aesthetics of spa design and, equally important, on functional considerations that impact profitability.

Spa consulting services include:
• Conceptual, vision and strategic planning
• Space program development
• Equipment specifications
• Millwork and cabinetry recommendations
• Locker room design
• Reception and retail layout
• Treatment room design
• Data processing requirements
• Input in all areas pertaining to design issues

What support can WTS provide in our recruiting efforts?
WTS screens and interviews over 1,000 applicants annually for positions with our firm. Taking your facility’s specific needs into account, we provide our clients with the best possible talent to match requirements for individual spas and leisure facilities.

Positions we can assist in recruiting include:
• Spa Director and Assistant Spa Directors
• Spa Operations Manager
• Marketing/Sales Director
• Qualified Therapists, Estheticians and Nail Technicians
• Salon Personnel
• All other support staff

How would WTS provide support, resources and training for my spa?
Our firm provides specific training in all areas of spa operations for key management staff and for service providers. Through our proprietary WTS University which focuses on all areas related to the business of operating a spa, we also offer a complete team approach to supporting the staff throughout daily operations. This includes educational training through webinars, on-site seminars and group discussions with other WTS affiliated Spa Directors. We have also created our unique Knowledge Network which allows our staff to communicate on an interactive bases with one another to consistently garner new ideas, trends, best practices and ways to maximize revenue, expense management and bottom line productivity. This training and support is continuous from the moment a staff member joins the WTS team.

What do we need to do to successfully open my spa?
Planning and preparation are crucial to the successful opening of your spa. With WTS International’s extensive experience, we can help to ensure a smooth opening process for our clients.

WTS spa pre-opening services include:
• Timeline development
• Selection and training of highly qualified staff including the Spa Director
• Creation of a complete and creative spa menu of services
• Retail product selection, display and merchandising plan
• Finalizing the operating budget
• Standard Operating Procedures and protocols
• Strategic marketing and promotion plan
• Preparation for Soft and Grand Openings

Why should we consider WTS to manage our spa?
Our company has been highly successful in exceeding our client’s requirements and objectives. In managing a spa, or any kind of leisure complex, we take a “seamless” approach in order to best integrate the spa into the fabric and culture of the hotel, resort or property. Our clients are able to maintain control while having WTS maximize the opportunity for operational and financial success through our tremendous array of resources and infrastructure.

Spa management services include:
• Staff supervision and continuous training
• Systems development and management
• Retail merchandising
• Marketing and sales
• Creative spa promotions and programming
• Facility maintenance
• Financial management
• Delivery of memorable spa experiences for guests, members or residents

Our experience, particularly in management and creative promotions create exceptional customer service while implementing the most cost efficient operational model for our spas and leisure facilities.

Does WTS offer any alternatives to your full-service spa management solutions?
If you have a spa, fitness or leisure facility that is either new or that is under-performing, WTS can identify ways to significantly impact both the quality and standards of the guest experience as well as both top and bottom line results. We do this through operational audits and ongoing spa consultancy services provided for clients who wish to manage their own spas, but who may require support and resources that they do not have internally.

WTS Operational Spa Consulting services include:
• Support and guidance for continued success in all areas of the operation
• Biweekly calls with key on-site spa team members
• Access to the online WTS Knowledge Network support and training systems
• Periodic site visits by senior WTS executives
• Consistent communication with the Spa Director and staff

What should I do to determine whether to include a spa in my project or not? How do I determine the most appropriate size, scope and whether the spa can be a profit center?
There is no longer any debate about whether a spa can positively influence a hotel or resort ADR or occupancy levels. It is also important to consider a spa as a competitive advantage, keeping your property competitive. There is significant evidence that a spa can positively impact rates and occupancy levels and it should be considered if your property is a full service hotel, resort or destination property and it is a critical component if you plan to operate as a luxury site. A WTS spa feasibility study can help determine the most appropriate size, initial space plan and whether the spa can be a profit center. As spas are not inexpensive to build, it is a crucial first step in making the best decision as to whether or not to proceed to the design phase. This study also provides a five year operating pro forma with all of the associated revenue and expense assumptions, giving the owner or developer the best information possible as to profit potential and expected return on investment.

Should I consider having a spa brand and, if so, what type of brand is best for my site?
You can consider the development of an internal brand, one that is created especially for you and for your project(s). If you plan to have multiple projects where you would like to have a unifying spa brand, it is best to consider the creation of a brand that speaks to your sites and culture that can be replicated at all future developments. It should be a brand that can be easily recognized by consumers as affiliated with your company. Alternatively, one can consider having an outside brand that is already a known commodity to consumers and one that carries with it cache and the potential for positive exposure through press and media attention. There are any number of possible brands that can be considered which meet this criteria. In essence, considering a spa brand, whether it is internal and owned by the developer, or external, is something that should be carefully considered if you are thinking about including a spa.

How can I best ensure that my spa will be a financial success and drive enough revenue to more than meet operating expenses and show profit to the bottom line? What makes a spa profitable?
There is no one simple answer to this question. The single most important factor is to hire and train spa staff that positively influence the image and perception of consumers with regard to the spa “experience” so that they will return time and again. This requires constant training in all areas of guest and customer service and the small touch points needed to provide exemplary service need to be constantly reviewed. Also, having a delineative spa menu of services that is easy to understand and is compelling is an important factor as is having a viable marketing and promotion plan which can be executed effectively. Additionally, product selection is very important as this is typically an important factor in bottom line results. It is critical that the spa be consistently exposed to both internal guests of the hotel/resort and to a “non–guest population” in the surrounding area. In many instances, in order for the spa to be profitable, it is necessary to drive a considerable amount of revenue from outside sources nearby to the property. In summary, a quality staff with a focus on guest/customer service, an interesting and easy to understand menu of treatments, products which fit the facility and culture of the surroundings and a proactive marketing/promotion effort all influence the opportunity for a viable revenue stream and profits from a spa.

Are there design firms that have an extensive experience in designing spas and fitness centers? What are some of the design considerations that I should look for and can WTS be of assistance in this area?
There are many architecture and interior design firms that have extensive experience in designing spas worldwide. With regard to the many areas that need to be considered, it is important to develop the spa concept first prior to starting the design process. All too often, the design for the facility starts and later in the process the owner will ask, “What is special about my spa?” It is important to think through the concept and theme first before plunging into actual design. Further, you should focus on operational flow and functional aspects related to spa design and not just the aesthetic appeal of the spa as most of the mistakes that occur are of a functional nature. Areas such as facility flow, retail area design, locker room layout, IT/data areas, reception area and treatment room design, back of the house areas, etc. all need to be considered from a functional perspective. WTS has vast experience in assisting our clients in developing the most aesthetically appealing and functional spaces for spas, fitness and wellness facilities throughout the world; we have worked with many architecture and interior design firms and we inform the spa design process particularly from a functional point of view. If your spa isn’t focused on operational issues and flow right from the start, you could create a spa that isn’t likely to be profitable or one that can is unable to create “magic moments” for guests.

Once that spa opens, can your company manage the spa?
WTS opens and manages spas and fitness/wellness centers globally. We offer complete spa staff selection and training as well as ongoing operational assistance to the Spa Director and all other personnel. Our approach is to manage the spa as a business unit and not just as a viable amenity to a project with an emphasis on effective promotions and maximizing the opportunity for generating enough revenue to produce a solid return on the investment for our client. In addition, we are constantly striving to produce a memorable experience for our guests, members or residents through consistent training and support for spa staff. WTS brings to the table an entire team of senior corporate executives who work with our spas and wellness facilities to ensure that the facility is exceeding our client’s goals and expectations.

How important is it to select the most viable retail products for sale at the spa and what role does this play in return on investment?
It is vital to profitability for any spa, as retail goods are sold typically at a high margin. Further, they can be sold to guests and consumers long after they depart the spa. Geographic and cultural influences need to be considered as does the “type” of spa to be developed (resort, destination, day spa, urban locale, etc.) in making the most appropriate choices for products.

Can WTS help us create a spa concept and can they bring a brand to the table if needed?
We have created spa brands for clients that include not only individual projects, but for multi-property hospitality companies. We can also bring brand partners to a client for consideration.

WTS Spa Clients

“WTS exemplifies all the best attributes of a management company”

“As The Spa approaches its third anniversary under WTS direction it has exceeded expectations by performing at a high level in both product quality and financial results. WTS exemplifies all the best attributes of a management company by complying with schedules; providing support to the facility management team; understanding the market; developing creative treatments; recruiting and training exceptional staff; incorporating strong retail offerings; delivering a consistently superb product; and, providing better than expected financial results. Under WTS guidance The Spa has contributed significantly to the overall positioning and performance of the Resort.”
— Woodstock Inn & Resort