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WTS: Lifestyle Experts

WTS International’s COMMUNITYlife™ division provides qualified Activities and Lifestyle Directors that support the development and execution of innovative lifestyle programs, events, concierge services and residential amenities management. COMMUNITYlife™ experts are committed to creating delineative experiences that transform traditional residential activities and amenities into programs and activities that create lasting memories for residents of a community, condominium or apartment complex. They are also responsible for increasing participation levels by community residents which positively impact home or condominium sales and apartment rentals. The WTS COMMUNITYlife™
team has had the pleasure of working with clients such as Centex and Pulte Homes, K. Hovnanian, Taylor Morrison, Newland Communities, GL Homes, and Harmony Development to name just a few. Our RESORTlife™ division is focused on the delivery of enjoyable programs designed specifically for resort, timeshare developments, and hotels that are targeting the leisure traveler. WTS also manages Kid’s Clubs and Beach/Fitness facilities. RESORTlife™ provides comprehensive programs designed to offer a foundation for the development and execution of innovative experiences and events designed for guests and members of all ages and interests.

WTS Lifestyle Services

What is a feasibility study and what does it include?
As a full-service spa, fitness/wellness and lifestyle facility consultant, WTS can provide a complete needs analysis/feasibility study to help our clients make the most informed decisions regarding the development of a hotel/resort or residential leisure facility. This includes assistance in determining the most appropriate size, complexity, value proposition and financial potential for the facility.

Feasibility studies include:
• Market and demographic evaluation
• Delineative programs and activities
• Creative promotions to stimulate resident use
• Competitive financial analysis with revenue and expense assumptions
• Space plan recommendations
• Marketing and programming recommendations
• Complete financial analysis

How can WTS contribute to my facility design?
To ensure that our clients receive the highest return on their leisure facilities, the WTS design team makes it a priority to stay abreast of the top trends within the leisure industry. Whether it’s allocating the proper space, providing the right equipment recommendations or fixtures and finishes, WTS has vast experience working extensively with architecture and interior design firms throughout the world. Our goal is to develop the most aesthetically pleasing, functional and cost-effective space that fits our client’s specific needs.

Design consultation includes:
• Conceptual and strategic planning
• Space program development
• Equipment specifications for fitness, spa and pool areas
• Millwork and cabinetry recommendations
• Special fitness, spa, recreational and program area requirements
• Kid’s Club design
• Locker room, reception and retail layout
• Data processing
• Input in all other areas associated with recreational programs and activities

What support can WTS provide in our recruiting efforts?
WTS screens and interviews over 1,000 applicants annually from throughout the U.S. and overseas for positions within our firm. Taking your facility’s specific needs into account, we can identify and source the right talent to match your project needs and requirements.

Positions recruited and sourced by WTS:
• Spa/Fitness/Wellness Directors
• Activities/Lifestyle Directors
• Operations Managers and Assistant Directors
• Marketing and Sales Directors
• All support staff and service providers such as Personal Trainers, Yoga Instructors, Massage Therapists, Class Instructors, reception personnel, etc.

What do I need to successfully open my leisure facility?
Planning and preparation are crucial to the successful opening of any leisure facility or recreational complex. WTS can help to ensure a smooth opening process.

WTS pre-opening services include:
• Timeline development
• Selection and training of all staff
• Create a unique service and program menu for fitness, spa, pool and “lifestyle areas”
• Retail product selection and merchandising plan
• Financial projections
• Standard Operating Procedures and protocols
• Strategic marketing and promotion plan
• Preparation for Soft and Grand Openings

What services does WTS provide in operating a leisure or recreational facility?
WTS provides turnkey, daily management services for our client’s leisure and lifestyle facilities. We offer consistent input, direction and resources for the facility staff in order to provide our guests, members or residents with a leisure facility operation of the highest standards.

WTS daily operations services include:
• Staff supervision and continuous training
• Systems development and management
• Retail product merchandising and display
• Marketing and sales plan
• Creative promotion and delineative programming
• Facility maintenance
• Financial management
• Consistent delivery of memorable moments and experiences

WTS creates and implements exceptional customer experience while delivering the most cost efficient operational model for our clients worldwide.

Does WTS offer any alternatives to your full-service management services?
If you have a lifestyle or recreation facility that is new or that is underperforming, WTS can provide support, resources and training which positively impacts the quality of operational services and your bottom line. Thanks to 40+ years of managing such facilities for hotels, resorts, private clubs and residential developments, WTS can offer a “one stop resolution” to improving the opportunity for operational and financial success.

WTS operational consultants provide the following:
• Continuous support, ideas and recommendations for the staff
• Frequent calls with key on-site personnel in offering continuous direction and support
• Access to the online WTS Knowledge Network support and training systems
• Consistent site visits
• Participation by facility staff in educational webinars and learning opportunities
• Interaction with the WTS corporate team in all areas related to facility operations

Why should I offer lifestyle activities and programs for my community development?
Worldwide, lifestyle activities have become part of our culture and are expected as an amenity offering at places where people live and recreate. In order to attract and retain residents and/or members, amenities that include lifestyle activities are an essential part of the offering for both adults and children. Especially in residential communities providing youth programming such as camps, instruction and all forms of recreation are a magnet for parents to involve their children in the community.

What types of lifestyle programs and activities can WTS offer to adults or children within a residential community, apartment complex, condominium or club?
WTS offers a wide array of recreational, social, instructional and educational activities and programs for adults and kids. The program menu created by our firm and service offerings are customized for each property in order to generate the highest level of participation and enjoyment. In addition, we develop for our clients an effective marketing and promotion plan which has been highly successful in stimulating resident or club member use.

Should I allow anyone to participate in our lifestyle programs or should I limit access to my members, residents or guests?
Lifestyle programs are primarily recommended for exclusive use by members, residents and guests within each residential or club development. However, in certain instances, our clients wish to allow external access from the local surroundings in order to increase participation or profitability.

How does WTS determine operating costs for lifestyle services?
Costs vary depending on the scope of work, size and complexity of the recreational or lifestyle facility/clubhouse. Another determinant is the depth of programming desired and diversity of services to be provided. Operating costs for lifestyle facilities are typically developed by WTS in the opening phase through a financial pro forma and operating budget.

Does WTS open and operate residential community clubhouses and lifestyle facilities that are focused on adult-only or age-restricted populations? Does WTS operate “active adult” communities?
We do! WTS is involved with the design, opening and management of numerous multi-use athletic and community based recreation and lifestyle facilities. In addition to our experience with family and multi-generational residential developments, we provide these services for many age-restricted or “active adult” communities.

Will my facility require a full-time staff?
No, not in every case. WTS oversees community clubhouses and residential lifestyle amenities that span a wide range of staffing and service levels. In some cases, providing a very limited staffing structure is the correct business model and is cost effective. This may mean providing only a single part-time or full-time Lifestyle/Activities Director. In other cases, WTS operates larger, sophisticated residential clubhouses which require and entire full-time staff.

In a condominium, apartment or residential community, what are the typical amenities that are designed into the lifestyle and recreational space? Does WTS provide services for all of these areas?
Often, these types of developments contain a diverse array of leisure and lifestyle amenities and facilities. These can include a sophisticated fitness or wellness center, a small or full-service spa, indoor and/or outdoor swimming pools, indoor and/or outdoor racquet sports facilities, Kid’s Club areas, conference rooms and social spaces, lounges and locker rooms, retail spaces and many other features. WTS has an extensive track record in designing, opening, staffing and managing these amenities.

WTS Lifestyle Clients

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VERDURE is a health and fitness center unlike anything else in the Texas panhandle. Located in Amarillo, Texas, VERDURE offers a vast range of services and activities for a vast membership base. The 65,000 square foot facility is filled with state-of-the-art exercise machines, expert fitness instructors and trainers, athletic performance area, racquetball, a sports arena, [...]

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MiraBay Community

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MiraBay is a beautiful Newland Communities property located in central Florida for which WTS provided community clubhouse design consulting and pre-opening services. In addition, WTS provides community clubhouse management and activities programming operations on a day-to-day basis. The recreational facilities at MiraBay include a 30,000 square foot community clubhouse complete with a fitness center, group [...]

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Club Connerton

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Club Connerton is a 10,000 square foot amenity center that is the epicenter of the Connerton lifestyle. The facility is home to the Fit & Flourish fitness center, Kidz Zone kids’ club, ConnerTown Cafe, multipurpose rooms, and provides access to Splash Gardens, the super pool area. The on-site Lifestyle team provides the members of Club [...]